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Getting back into fitness post a pandemic

To those returning to the studio welcome back. I welcome you with open arms. Boy did I miss you! Yes I saw you online & continue to as well as in person but there is nothing that beats human connection. What a period of uncertainty we have faced in recent months. It certainly challenged me both mentally and physically and I finally feel like a new level of normal has returned. I feel myself again! Quirky, motivated, focused, driven and a little bit crazy as well . I lead with kindness and gratitude always and really care about each and every one of you and interested to hear of your health and wellbeing goals. Health and wellbeing is in the forefront of everyone's mind right now as we realize more than ever our best defense is to include selfcare into our routine and habits everyday.

Lockdown brought with it many beneficial aspects - no commute, workout from home, family life and keeping things simple however in my opinion there is nothing that beats connection. Connection to community, conversation, sharing and supporting each other and in the end - People and connection to others is of strong importance as it correlates directly with wellbeing physically and mentally.

Movement & Connection & Improving your bodies function and strength are my main focuses in term three. I'm working hard to ensure the options I bring to you for movement are beneficial across a broad cross section. I hope to provide a daily dose of motivation and inspiration with you all and will share my own experiences with health and wellbeing as well as in the studio. Thank you to my community who continue to surround and support me as I support each of you. Thank you Thank you Thank you and lets kick some booty in TERM THREE! - Your captain - Rochelle

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