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Tips for Creating Ikigai - The Art of Happiness

Life is about achieving a state of Ikigai - a true happiness.

I believe and certain theorists believe that foundations for happiness can be found through connection to community and friends and a focus on your health and wellbeing with your nutrition, sleep & movement.

Discovering our Ikigai within us holds the keys to achieving a meaningful or purposeful life. Lets delve into the following, knowing and understanding how each relates to your life, connecting with your why or your reason for being.

Ask yourself the following questions;

  • What do you love? Understanding what you love will guide your mission and you passion.

  • What does the world need? What can you bring to the world that the world needs? This will become your vocation and mission.

  • What can you be paid for? What does your skill set allow you to achieve an income from? This becomes your vocation or profession.

  • What are you good at? Where does your expertise lie? What do you know are your key strengths? This will become your profession and passion.

Each answer will assist in unveiling your true Ikigai, allowing you to lead a purposeful & happy life.

Simple huh? Well once you take outside factors away and establish your why and nurture the foundations then I see absolutely no reason why happiness in life cannot be achieved.

Go forth and enjoy your day 😊 understanding who you are and living on purpose.

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