Personal Training

Personal Training sessions are available with Rochelle, who has conducted her training through NZIHF (NZ Institute of Health and Fitness.  In addition, Rochelle will be running Sunday Yoga Nidra relaxation sessions and wellness afternoons in the studio

Core Kids 

Kids Yoga for primary and intermediate aged children from year 4 – year 9.  The class is designed to engage with the children at their level in a fun and interesting way whilst increasing their flexibility and confidence.  The class involves a mix of games, yoga flows and sequences to capture the attention of the kids and is enjoyed by all.

Core Exercise


Fitness stations with equipment for first 25 minutes and mat pilates second half of class

Core Strength

Mat based Pilates focused on developing core strength and flexibility with Pilates exercises.  Each class involves a warm up, mat based exercises focused on strengthening & supporting the core with stretching to finish.  Pilates props are used during the workout – weights, resistance bands and mini balls feature.


A combo class alternating with barre or boxing in the first 25 minutes Barre – utilises the bands and balls and light weights and standing pilates sequences designed to tone and lengthen Boxing – paired with a partner doing cardio boxing sets Second 25 minutes focused on mat pilates.

Pilates with Ball


Yoga and Stretch inspired in first 25 minutes and mat pilates second half of the class


This workout focuses on cardio and core strength.  After the warmup the first 25 minutes you get your heart rate up with body weighted exercises, guaranteed to make you sweat.  The second half of the class is focused on core strength and flexibility with mat based pilates exercises and stretching to finish

Fit Woman


Kettle Bell exercises first 25 minutes and mat pilates second half of the class