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Daily Dose continued

As Eckhart Tolle once said "Become comfortable with not knowing."

On Monday - Auckland received the news that Level three continues till next Monday.

Today marks 2 weeks at Level three.

I think this is the part I struggle with - Hard to plan and run businesses and maintain some level of certainty or confidence with people when nothing is guaranteed.

I do know two things: -

Kindness is the gift of life & Self-care is the most important thing.

With that being said I thought I would add to my Daily dose of tips and pointers and things I do daily. I mentioned 5 things the other day and here are another 5 gems for today.

  1. Each morning I have a 'girl chat' and cuddle session with my girls where we chat girl stuff and check in with each other and I cuddle them and tell them how much I love them. This fills my heart with joy.

  2. Most days I light candles as to me candles represent light and hope and love. They also are a universal symbol like music that can be enjoyed and shared by everyone.

  3. I always have a morning coffee and a good breakfast. Again, I love the ritual of it and a nourishing breakfast and taking that time to sit and have a coffee sets the day off on a good note.

  4. Daily to do list that focuses on order of importance. In the pockets of time outside of teaching classes or meeting with clients or colleagues or other business owners in collaboration - my front facing roles, I make sure that my to do list reflects both the working tasks and the working on the business tasks making room to finesse ideas and projects and further aim to grow my businesses. Obviously in a Covid world flexibility is important and certainly the above is in an ideal world. I'm not hard on myself if it’s just an on-task day but I believe it’s essential to set out a clear path of purpose for your day otherwise it becomes scatter-brained which does happen for me if I haven't had a good sleep.

  5. Finally lately - I aim to inject a bit of humour into others days with a funny quote or lightening of conversations as god knows we need it currently amidst this madness that is life and I figure we are all in the same boat and humour is something that makes people smile and the more we can do that rather than focusing on the seriousness of life the better.

So, there you go - another daily tips for self-care from Rochelle. Hope you enjoy. - Do the things that make you feel more like yourself everyday in spite of the limitations with levels.

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