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Daily Dose of Flawsome

Hello Team, how is everyone? Week 6 of Term three. Today we wait to hear whether we are entering Level three or Level two in Auckland.

Its been an interesting time. It feels like we have been in a vortex since March 25th, living day to day in a pandemic.

Our selfcare daily is becoming the most important consideration in our lives.

Today I just wanted to share some daily tips or joy enhancers that work for me ;

  1. Listen to music - Music is a great mood enhancer and picking a playlist that brings you joy while your working really adds to your day.

  2. Check in with someone - I love to pick at least one person a day that I check in with on the telephone rather than online and keep the connections going.

  3. Write down a list of things that bring you joy - I aim to try and add those things that bring me joy into my day for example my top three would be - 1. Daily morning exercise, 2. Connecting with friends & Clients 3. Being Purposeful. Writing a list with the intention of joy will do just that bring joy to your existence every day.

  4. Plan something fun - Look at events and things that you might like to do later in the year. I spend time each day looking at listed events, places and upcoming cool activities and write them down or book them in. Always good to have something to look forward to.

  5. Pick a favorite Quote each day - After my morning exercise I like to pick a quote that sets the tone and focus for my day. For those of you who know me, know that I'm a quote kinda girl.

In moments where we can't control the future like a pandemic - A Daily routine of self care is so important. I will continue to share my top tips over the next few weeks.

Remember we are all flawsome which makes us simply awesome. Nurture your wellbeing with daily joy enhancers and we can all live like Bob Marley.

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